Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Derby Day!

My late Great Uncle was a Kentucky Colonel and a big fan of the Kentucky Derby. He would sometimes say in his thick Scottish brogue, "I always get tears in my eyes when they begin to play, 'My Old Kentucky Home.'"
So to honor Uncle Bob and to, let's face it, have a really good excuse to drink some mint juleps, the Sweet Pea family is having some close friends over to watch the Derby.

We'll be feasting on some wonderful southern fare and drinking SPH's famous mint juleps. But what about the Sweet Peas? They'll be drinking my new invention, the mint fool-up. Basically it is the same syrup you use for the julep, but mixed with club soda (because anything fizzy=more fun to drink).

Mint Fool-ups

1/4 c mint simple syrup (simmer 2 parts sugar to 1 part water with about 8-10 mint leaves)
1/2 c club soda

Mix well, garnish with a straw.

Easy, peasy.


Deep in the Heart said...

We were walking ( = trudging) through the airport toninght on the way to the parking lot and saw an ad for the Derby with a mint julep center stage. Jake comments "look at that salad" (the mint leaves) Melissa and I looked at each other and decided that was just the salad we needed after that plane ride.

Miss you!!! Please come see us soon.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

We miss you too!!!! I was toying with the idea of suggesting to you that we get together when the boys are in NC, but we are going to make a sojourn up to my folks' house, since we haven't been there since December!

The Mrs. said...

Sounds like too much fun! I wanna come over!

Steel Magnolia said...

Mint juleps...YUM! YUM! My neighbor made mango juleps and they were very tasty too!