Monday, May 19, 2008

Sometimes life isn't fair

The whole "life isn't fair" is lesson we have all heard or taught. I am not into self-pity, and I really am not bitter, but let me do a side-by-side of this past weekend:

SPH: Away on a long golf weekend with about 10 of his closest college friends to celebrate his graduation and a friend's graduation from vet school.
Me: Went to my parent's house with the Sweet Peas for a bit of the weekend for a little bit of help.

SPH: Weather, sunny and in the 80s
Me: Cloudy, windy, rainy and times in the upper 50s/lower 60s

SPH: Beach house, Outerbanks of NC
Me: My parent's house, outside of Cleveland

SPH: Lots of meals out, adult beverages poolside
Me: My mom's home cooking (Okay, I have the leg up there)

SPH: weekend activities? Golf, more golf, beach, pool
Me: Nurse R back to health after a 3 hour stint at a Cleveland urgent care with a very high temperature, vomiting and the like.

I am overdue for a girl's weekend!

Our meals for the week:
Popeye Calzones, Chicken Apple Sausage, Fruit Salad
Baked Burritos
Cashew Chicken
Spinach Salad (topped with bacon, white beans, red pepper, green onion and walnuts)

Have a sweet week,

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Deep in the Heart said...

I have absolutely no idea what we'll be eating this week. I'm on cruise control and forsee a few meals out. Rachel's graduation is Wednesday so we'll definitely do ice cream out that night.