Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sweet Pea Lexicon

In case you have trouble deciphering my overuse of acronyms in my posts, I present the Sweet Pea Lexicon:

FNB--Friday Night Bites, my weekly weekend recipe, usually something that is a definite "make again."
G--son #2, born in early 2007
"make again"--any meal that meets three scientific criteria: 1. it is tasty, 2. it is healthful/natural, 3. the Sweet Peas all eat it
pumpkins--other people's children
R--son #1, born in early 2004
SPC--your truly, the Sweet Pea Chef
SPH--my wonderful husband
sweet peas--other children
Sweet Peas--my children
UFI(s)--Ultra-Funky Ingredients/Unidentifiable Food Item, basically weird things on the ingredient lists of our foods that make you go, "huh?" Examples: Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Carrageenan

I blame 9 years of working in the federal government for any acronym over-reliance.


Slacker Mama said...

That's too funny. I would have gotten 100% on the vocab quiz without even studying.

When we were at the airport getting a drink before our flight, our waitress mentioned that she had come out of retirement because her husband was RIF-ed. Our Philly travel companions looked at her like she had two heads...I had to explain it was gov't speak for laid off.

BigBi said...

Very cute! But you need to let us know who are the "pumpkins"...

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Ahh...yes. Ok, revision #1 has now been made. :) Thanks B!

Unknown said...

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