Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My favorite (spring) things--and a favorite asparagus recipe too.

Raindrops on broccoli and fresh, new sweet pea plants;

Tried to grow broccoli from seed last year without much success; this year, plants were in order!

I heart sweet peas.  :)

Strawberry plants not attacked by bunnies or gross ants;

Hoping the trench and chicken wire contraption will keep pests at bay!

Cilantro sprouts and asparagus make my heart sing,

Taco Tuesday, here we come!

Who knew growing asparagus was so fun?  Thanks Stacy for the tips!

These are a few of the sure signs of Spring!

(Can you name that tune?)

Things are popping up in the Sweet Pea garden and I couldn't be happier.  The other night I used fresh mint and chives in a dish and I think I heard my heart singing.  Spring has sprung!

As for the yummy asparagus in our yard?  Here's my fool proof favorite asparagus recipe:

As for my delay in posting?  The Sweet Pea crew has had an eventful spring!

Life is sweet,