Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When life hands you lemons, er, rain...

I forget from which blogger I gained this idea, but I salute you, whoever and wherever you are.

But first, the background--chapter 4 in our ongoing health saga unfolded this morning at 4am with R saying his ears hurt, so instead of returning back to school as planned, we went *back* to the pediatrician, and sure enough, he has a double ear infection as a result of his lingering flu.

R was so looking forward to seeing his friends again and staying for "Lunch Bunch" today. We packed his lunch last night and he was literally dancing around the kitchen in excitement. So...instead of eating at school, I tried to make the best of bad situation and we ate like this instead:
(G had to be confined to his highchair--I can't imagine what sort of mess I would have had on my hands otherwise!)

Of course, a picnic outside would have been preferable, but instead of the high 60s and sunny weather that we had yesterday, our backyard is basically a big puddle.

Having a picnic inside, complete with the blanket and his tent gave R an instant shot-in-the-arm. What a great, simple, easy way to help your kid have a special lunch, even on a rainy, cruddy day.


Anonymous said...
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Deep in the Heart said...

Love it! Always a big fan of the indoor picnic. I sometimes drape a sheet over the table so they can eat under it since we don't have a tent. LOVE the lunchbox. Was looking for that one or the race car one this year and couldn't find it. Target right?

Slacker Mama said...

So cute...I would make a comment about wimping out by confining G to his high chair, but after the week I had I'll cut you some slack!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Jenn-Yeah, the lunchbox is a Target special! He loves it. He holds on to and runs around the house saying his rocket ship is flying.

SM-the 'roids they gave G to help his breathing have made him extra spunky this week (and looking at his picture, I seriously think his face looks fuller). So highchair for now. Floor...later.

The Mrs. said...

So cute!!!! What a great idea. I looove that you quoted the bible to me! LOVE! Not preachy at all! NEEDED badly! xoxoxo