Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too many close calls today

(Mom, if you are reading this, please stop. I don't want to raise your blood pressure. If you continue to read this post, I promise I am usually more careful in the kitchen. Love, Your Daughter)

Sometimes I think I try to do too much at once, especially in the kitchen. Chances are if you are a parent or caregiver of small children, you can relate. After reading this post, maybe you can share a story through the comments section (anonymously if you would like!) to make me feel better.

Close call #1: I am unloading the dishwasher, making dinner, and helping Sweet Pea R with writing letters. Sweet Pea G is toddling around, making a good mess in the Tupperware drawer. As I am unloading the dishwasher (which, anytime it is open, becomes an automatic G magnet), I forget to take out the utensil tray and put it out of reach. I turn around from putting some glasses in the cabinet to see G standing, smiling, holding one of my sharp knives like he is about to demonstrate his knife skills. After a quick swipe of the knife, a scan to insure there are no open wounds and a deep breath...I whisper, "thank you God...that could have been ugly."

Close call #2: While prepping dinner, I see G foraging around in my "big appliance" cabinet. It does not have a child safety lock on it because everything in there (stand mixer, slow cooker, food processor) is too big for G to lift. I have always placed the food processor blades in a bin in an upper cabinet to keep them out of reach...except last time I must have forgotten. G comes up to me while I am in the fridge, swinging the chopping blade from the food processor. My heart stops, I grab the blade and I promise myself I will never. Ever. Ever. Forget to put that blade up again.

Close call #3: Dinner is now in the oven, but I need to open the oven to check it. G is safely in the dining area, so I open the oven just as, you guessed it, G comes barreling towards the open oven. Hot pan in my hands, I just sort of froze and gently nudged him away from grabbing the hot oven door with my leg. Phew!

Mom, if you are still reading this, I have learned my lesson, which you lovingly taught me is the most important part.


Slacker Mama said...

Yikes! How scary! The oven thing especially, since A loves to check herself out in her reflection!

Glad everything worked out okay...you definitely deserve a glass of wine tonight!

Anonymous said...

I dont have any stories like that yet since she's not walking yet. But I locked my keys, baby, and everything else in the car for the second time in probably 6 months. I hope I learned my lesson this time!

The Mrs. said...

I think there are close calls all the time! We are magnificent jugglers!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I felt chills reading your blog, as I am aware of a toddler who placed the entire palm of his hand on a hot iron despite the warning of "hot, danger!" from his dad. The little boy has one more skin graft to go....but I agree "if you learned something" from your experiences Tuesday, you will not allow it to happen again, no matter how busy.

Children are a full time job...especially the wee ones.

Grandma Baba.xxx

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog!! I was just stumbling through some recipe blogs when I found you, I'll defintely be back :)

Homemaker of the 21st Century

Steel Magnolia said...

oh my! I know I've had some close calls too. It's so hard esp around dinner time!!

Mama in Training said...

Girlfriend, been there. Done that! We ALL have those days.