Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bumped By,,,

This morning I was scheduled to do a segment on Good Day Columbus, a stir-fry recipe and cooking demonstration for Chinese New Year.

Instead, I was bumped from the show schedule.

Bumped, by a big celebrity...

A big "to-do" that everyone, everyone is talking about, thinking about...

So big that almost everyone in the country is being affected in one way or another...

She is the talk of this town...

Any guesses?

Still wondering?

Here's a clue:

I was bumped by ice. Ice! The above picture is from our yard, where everything looks as though it has been touched by an ice queen.

Better to by bumped from a television show by an ice queen, than to be one, right?

At least I have everything mise en place for tonight's dinner!

How are you all fairing with this big monster winter storm?

We're hunkering down with a living room picnic lunch and some hot pretzel-making...

Stay warm and safe all!!


Jean Bugs said...

I made a big pot of creamy tomato soup! Lights are still flickering and we're keeping our fingers crossed!
Stay warm :)

JerseyBaby said...

Better than Vanilla ICE, right?

Happy Chinese New Year! Stay warm.