Monday, February 7, 2011

Next Stop, Valentine's Day

SPC's 2011 Celebration Calendar:

New Year's Day College Football Extravaganza...check

G's and R's Birthdays...check and check

Chinese New Year...check

Super Bowl...check

Valentine's Day, here we come...

I'll be sharing a recipe for easy (yes, I wrote "easy") heart shaped pasta later this week:

But for now, I finishing up some photo shoots of food while G is resting. Yes, I wrote "photo shoots." I am trying to work on my photography, and it takes me a good bit of concentration to get it all right, so when the kids are away, mom will play (with her camera).

I am taking it easy again on the meals this week. I have a slew of frozen soups, one-dish wonders and the like, so we'll be digging out some yummy eats from our freezer this week, as well as trying two new recipes:

7 Bean and Sausage Soup
Wild Mushroom Calzones

Have a great week all-

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