Monday, February 14, 2011


One of the of many reasons I love SPH: he is a manly-man. This past weekend, he proved it by taking R camping. Outside. In tents. In 20 - 30 degree weather. It was a Cub Scout "family camp-out" but I willingly volunteered to hold down the fort while they went camping.

Sometimes as a mom, you have to make sacrifices.

G and I secretly planned to visit our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner Friday night while R and SPH loaded up my car:

(all of this gear had to be carried to a campsite a quarter mile down from the parking site)

Not only were SPH and R willing to camp outdoors in bone-chilling cold, they were excited.

G and I woke up Saturday AM to visit Franklin Park Conservatory and bask in the tropical conditions, while looking at some really cool plants and Dale Chiluly glass art.

And since SPH had assured me you can't die of hypothermia in your sleep, I felt confident after the weekend was through, I'd see SPH and R again. Which we did, and after a lazy Sunday, we're ready for another week.

Our meals for the week:
Honey Mustard Drumsticks, Twice Baked Potatoes and Broccoli
Black Bean Soup, Homemade Bread
Lemon Caper Pasta
Slow Cooker Carolina Pork BBQ, Coleslaw, Baked Beans
Chipotle Taquitos and Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Rookie Cookie's Thai Wraps

Hope your Valentine's Day is sweet,

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