Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More my speed

After SPH's big weekend tent camping trip with R, yesterday I took on a Cub Scout trip that was more my speed: a trip to the Ohio Wildlife Center. This not-for-profit wildlife rehabilitation center serves more than 5,000 hurt and orphaned animals in Central Ohio each year.

R, his Cub Scout Den and parents were treated to a great presentation, which included an elderly, tame and friendly groundhog:

I tried to ask the groundhog what was up with the colder temperatures, especially after the mid 60s we were enjoying last week...that I believed his cousin Phil had predicted an early spring, but he just waddled away. Groundhog are like that sometimes.

On the meal front, we're going International this week:

Thai Green Curry with Tofu, Red Peppers and Green Beans and Brown Rice
Chicken Taco Soup
Orange Chicken and Broccoli

Indian Night--Mango Dal, Basmati Rice, Mater Paneer, Naan

Have a sweet week,

Psst: I have exciting (I am giddy) Sweet Peas and Pumpkins news later this week!


Slacker Mama said...

Ooo! I'm intrigued by the news! I can't wait to hear!

We're having Chicken Taco Soup this week as well! I'm so excited...I've somehow neglected to make it until now this year.

Here are our meals:
Garlic and rosemary pork tenderloin, new potatoes, sugar snap peas
Dijon chicken, cous cous, spinach
Chicken taco soup
Lemon-oregano chicken, orzo, asparagus

JerseyBaby said...

I'm so excited too! And I love the word "giddy"!

Our meals are much less exciting, but planned out just the same:
- burritos
- spaghetti
- tacos
- make your own pizza

You'll just have to assume that the actual eats will be much more exciting and colorful than that list appears. Pinky promise that the week is ripe with avocados, sweet potatoes, whole grains and greens.