Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We're back!

I should be doing laundry. Or going through our pile of mail. Or at the very least, trying to begin to think about unpacking.

But instead I am down on the computer playing a game of "can-I-write-a-quick-blog-post-before-naptime-is-over?

We're back from Texas and I am not happy. Not happy because I miss my friends already. Not happy because it was in the 80s all during our visit and currently it is, UGH, in the 30s. Not happy because it was 79 when we flew back into Columbus last night and apparently in the 70s all weekend, but the cold weather has returned. Not happy because my tummy is still recovering.

Did I mention that I capped off our wonderful visit in Houston with getting some sort of way-funky stomach flu/bug?

I try not to write about un-appetizing things on this blog seeing as though I bill it as a "food blog" and all. But suffice it to say that G and I had one heck of a time keeping anything resembling food in our bodies for a good bit. But very thankfully, we made it home with no, um, "events" on the plane.

But before the terrible tummy bug hit, our trip was full of yummy food:

and good side trips:

Ironically, R's preschool class is learning about space this week, so he has lots to share from our trip to NASA.

As for me, I have lots of great food to share, pictures and recipes. But my quick time is up, and I hear the boys beckoning...



Slacker Mama said...

Welcome back! And I'm sorry to hear about your stomach bug. Being sick is the worst ... especially when you are on vacation!

Laura said...

Yay!!! You're back! I hope you feel better soon, though. Oh, and that it warms up here... it's cruel to go from the 70s to this, especially when you don't feel well.

AudreyO said...

Sounds like you had a nice trip. I found your blog through the MomsFuse directory.

Deep in the Heart said...

We miss you too. And don't worry about missing the weather. It's rainy and in the mid-40s today. You got out just in time.