Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day two of no chocolate

We are not Catholic, but SPH has "given up" something for Lent the last few years and this year I decided to join him. The last time I gave up (rather than my preferred "do something more" approach) for Lent was before kids and I went vegetarian for Lent. It was a piece of cake. I did crave my beloved bacon now and then, but overall, I didn't bat an eyelash.

This year could be tough. I have given up chocolate.

Chocolate is my thing. I keep frozen chocolate chips in the freezer and rare is the day when I don't eat a handful or two, or three or... But I figured if I really wanted to sacrifice something it would have to be chocolate.

Here's the cruel twist: Shannon's older daughter is a girl scout and I ordered a good bit of girl scout cookies, which are due to arrive any day and most of which are, you guessed it, riddled with chocolate. Good thing I know a thing or two about freezing girl scout cookies. They'll taste even better in April, right (if SPH and the boys don't eat them first)?

So if I am cranky or ornery here during the next month and a half, you know the reason why...chocolate withdrawal.

Anyone else joining me in a little self-limitation?



Dianna said...

Oh, someone else who loves frozen chocolate chips! I'm so guilty of sneaking a few (or more) myself. I can't say I'm brave enough to follow your lead. Is it possible to die without chocolate? I'm not willing to take that risk!
Love your blog!

whitneyingram said...

Lent has always intrigued me. I am not Catholic either, but it's enlightening to participate in other religions practices.

Good for you for giving up chocolate. My mom did and she didn't have chocolate for like 10 years.

I forgot about Lent, but I will do it too. We can be miserable together. I will give up soda. I love diet soda so darn much.

Hey, if you aren't eating chocolate- try carob chips from the health food store. They aren't chocolate, but taste similar.

Deep in the Heart said...

I'm trying to do all desserts since my sweet tooth is rampant (I'm eating pineapple chunks right now to stave off the cookies in my pantry).

Jenn M said...

Good luck.. I couldn't do it..

Shannon said...

I should probably give up chocolate or better yet candy but I tried that one year and failed. So I will try to cut down for you and think of you whenever I am eating sweet delicious chocolate. By the way, the cookies will be at your house on Monday. Ha Ha.


Sweet Pea Chef said...

Just one rule Shan--NO chocolate eating at our Monday night dinners. Pretty please?

Tabitha Blue said...

Wow, you go girl... that really would be a sacrifice!! Thank God for freezers!!!