Monday, November 17, 2008

No longer in denial

My weather denial has ended. This weekend I begrudgingly removed my summer plants from the earth and sadly retreated to the compost pile, where I deposited my once thriving plants.

I *love* having fresh produce at my fingertips. Sadly though, until we move south, or we build a greenhouse like my friend Noelle's mom had growing up, I am resigned to a winter of mealy tomatoes, pepper with a waxy film and small boxes of basil that go limp after one day in the fridge.

R and G helped me pull the last of the vegetables:

and for now, I can still enjoy the mint, parsley and cilantro:
and I am letting the cilantro go to seed, so I have some fresh coriander seeds:

We have a busy week, so I foresee some meals out of premade gnocchi, perhaps some leftovers stashed in the freezer and maybe a grilled cheese and soup night.

Other meals:
Corn Chowder
Less-Sloppy Joes
Cashew Chicken

Have a sweet week,


Live.Love.Eat said...

Sorry you had to say goodbye to the goodies. But grilled cheese and soup night sounds great!!!

Tabitha Blue said...

I feel ya about the fresh stuff... already missing it! The grilled cheese and soup night sounds warm and delish though!! :)

Mama in Training said...

I didn't know how that whole coriander-cilantro thing worked. Smarty pants. ;)