Monday, November 10, 2008

Leaf Jumpers

Here's R and G jumping in leaves last week:

And here they are from yesterday:
The weather is getting down right cold. It has been fun though, using our fireplace, cooking comfort food and bundling up in cozy warm sweaters. I am sure come February, I will be singing a different tune.

My "cold (of the other variety) that never leaves" went from the mildly running nose of the last two weeks to full blown, knock you on your rear-end, cold late last week. Unfortunately this coincided with my hosting a bridal shower for my cousin Jill. Fortunately, SPH and my mom majorly stepped up and the shower was saved.

The rest of the weekend was spent sort of just lounging around trying to take it easy. I am hopeful my Airborne, Zinc and plenty of rest will get me through this cold...but I am open to any and all home remedies...

Our meals for the week:
Italian Country Bean Soup (a new slow cooker recipe I am trying out...will post if it is worthy)
Taco Night
Teriyaki Chicken Thighs, Corn Casserole, Broccoli
and...the best part, Shannon is cooking tomorrow night!



Laura said...

I put peppermint oil in my bath and soak for 15 minutes. Between the steam and the aroma: relief! I also swear by the "Cold Care" tea that I buy in the health food section of the grocery. I love it. My husband, he gargles a few drops of eucalyptus oil in water. Personally, not a fan.

JerseyBaby said...

Honey, and lots of it, by the spoonful, and saline sprays keep any colds at bay here. When one creeps up on us we try to have 2-4 T of honey a day, and it really does seem to help. Hope you feel better soon!

Deep in the Heart said...

I like the saline spray too. Used to do zinc, but haven't lately. No real reason why.

Deep in the Heart said...

Almost forgot. We used your crab dip recipe last night and it was a big hit.

whitneyingram said...

Best home remedy: sleeping, lots of sleeping. Oh wait, you have children. Never mind.

You know, you have some pretty handsome little boys. I will bet you make adorable little girls. Planning on any more babies?

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Whitney--That is the question on our minds a lot lately. We have a "wait and see" attitude right now. Whenever R asks us if there are going to be any more babies in our family, I say, "only God knows for sure!" We will see, we will see, but I have a feeling it is a possibility...

Tabitha Blue said...

Leaf jumping is SO MUCH FUN!!