Friday, August 22, 2008


So many people ask me, "when do you have the time to do this?" Whether talking about the cooking, recipe testing, or blogging, I answer, "I'm not sure, I just do."

Cooking is a hobby, something I do to relax, so I make the often turns into a whirlwind when I am trying to beat the clock for dinner, but usually it's a joy.

To help though, I often end up getting the boys to do things like this:

It is one of many tricks up my sleeve to entertain them while I finish dinner. Speaking of tricks, G has developed a trick of his own for drinking out of his straw cups:

He has a hard time remembering that when you drink from straw cups, the cup has to stay up, so he has resorted to this G-original method.


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Steel Magnolia said...

cute pictures! looks about like our house...