Thursday, August 28, 2008

Food Origins

R, G and I recently went to the petting zoo area at the Columbus Zoo. They learned all about the animals that produce mommy's favorite kind of cheese.

G, with his, "these goats sure do stink!" face:

G, having made peace with the smell, enjoys the goats' antics:
R, thankfully using the provided combs for their intended use, not for his own hair, as other children were doing:
A random zoo picture of R thrown in for good measure:

And yes, I dressed them in matching orange shirts a la, J&K+8. It was a brilliant idea...G is a fast mover and I could find them both in a flash. Highly recommend it for busy public outings.



Laura said...

Goat cheese is by far my favorite... even though the origins stink! Yay that your boys got to have such an awesome trip! Who gets to comb goats' fur/hair everyday?

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awesome idea on the shirts! And this brings back memories of a picture I have of Tristan in the middle of a bunch of goats brushing them down.

Slacker Mama said...

I use any excuse/opportunity to dress my kids in matching outfits. Now safety can be added to the list.

The thought of kids using the goat comb on myself just made me a little ill, though!

Looks like it was fun!

Deep in the Heart said...

Goat petting creeps me out a little too. Our zoo uses bristle brushes. Thankfully the sink is right outside the pin.

Orange still ranks up there with Jake's faves, although blue and green are pushing their way in.

BTW, G is looking older to me. Did he just have a big growth spurt?

Sweet Pea Chef said...

You have a great eye, Jenn. Yes, G has shot up big time this summer. At his 15 month visit he was still in the 50% for height and 10% for weight. By 18 months he was almost 75% for height and between 25-50% for weight. Now, just a month later, he looks really tall to me and the shirt he is wearing in the pic is a 2T from J&J (I went there a few weeks ago and went a little crazy since I hadn't shopped there in more than two years while SPH was in school).

Slacker Mama said...

BTW...I've caught A running around our house with Frank's cat brush.

My distaste to children using animal brushes is not limited to goats apparently. Ew.