Monday, August 11, 2008

Chautauqua Bound

R, G, and I are here for the week. SPH will come up later this week, and we'll all be back next week. If you have never heard of Chautauqua, it is a really cool place. You should read the "Miscellaneous Facts" on this page. My aunt and uncle run an Inn on the grounds and I have gone there most years since I was 3. R is going to the same "Children's School" that I went to when I was young.

The cool thing? Each week of programming has a theme an topic that envelopes all the speakers, events and happenings. The theme this week is What's for Dinner?: Food and Politics in the 21st Century. Right up my alley for sure.

Speaking of politics, the new pastor of Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago (aka, Barack Obama's former church) who took over for Pastor Jeremiah Wright is the religious speaker for the week. Interesting...

Anyway, I will see you in the blogosphere next week,


emstitt said...

Hope you have a great time! We will miss you this week. The weather here is finally wonderful. A cool breeze in coming through my window....ahh...still doesn't replace being on vacation though!

Mama in Training said...

Wow- very interesting about the pastor but I doubt he will be discussing Obama. Hmmm. Have fun!