Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Very rarely does a commercial make me feel ill. Sure, there are a *lot* of bad commercials, but thanks to Tivo/DVR magic, I usually don't endure commercial breaks. But have you seen this one?

Mom, daughter in a grocery store, shopping:

Mom grabs broccoli. Daughter, "I don't like broccoli!" Mom grabs chicken. Daughter, "I don't like chicken!" Mom grabs pediasure shake. Daughter, no response, Mom smilesUgh.

I am sure this little girl is sweet and all, but the way she says "chicken" makes my skin crawl.

Am I the only one?



Slacker Mama said...

I haven't seen that one.

The one that makes my skin crawl is the Dixie paper plates one...where the moms say that by using them they have more time with the family.

Sure, you're leaving your kids with a pollutated Earth when dishes take 10 minutes or you could leave them until after you go to proud of that. my soapbox now.

Renee said...

I also don't see a lot of commercials but I have seen this one also and it always makes me cringe a little.

justme said...

i know that commercial very well and i was such a picky eater when i was young. last time i went to visit a friend of mine who i have known since we were young, her mom was there and she was a close family friend..she said that girl reminds me of you when you were young....ugh. i was not happy. i was horrible.

Mama in Training said...

I TOTALLY agree, girlfriend! I don't want Hunter to hear this commercial, so he won't get any bad ideas.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it either. What a horrible message.

Laura said...

I hate, hate, hate this commercial AND the Dixie plate one slacker mama mentioned... And do you know, that the last time I served broccoli to my nephew he told me that he no longer liked it... why? the girl in the cart doesn't either. Stupid advertising.

Brandis said...

I agree, but the other one I HATE is the Subway one where the little girl says that people make her choices for her all day but at Subway she gets to make her own... Now my 6 year old keeps getting mad that I make all of his choices for him. Grrrrrr...!