Friday, July 4, 2008

Red, White and Blueberry Pops

Happy Fourth of July! Our celebration started early...

Red, White and Boom was last night. SPH's former internship employer had reserved COSI downtown for a dinner and cocktail party on the river before the fireworks. It was great, the kids had a blast and we had front row seats for the parade. Here are some pictures:

G and R in part of a science exhibit

R running through a wildflower maze
G taking time to smell the black-eyed susans

Earlier in the day while the Sweet Peas were "napping," I whipped up these popsicles for the occasion. R loved them and I thought they were pretty darn good too. Of course the red, white and blue aren't as day-glo bright as the traditional bomb pops, since the blueberries turned purplely-blue in the blender. But they're still blue-ish, right? Work with me here...

Red, White and Blueberry Pops (or, "wow-these-pops-have-loads-of-good-stuff-instead-of-UFIs pops")

1/2 cup fresh blueberries
2 t sugar

1 60z container fat free organic plain yogurt
juice from half a lime or lemon
1 T sugar

8 large strawberries

Blend the blueberries and sugar, pour into popsicles molds, filling a third full, and place in popsicle sticks. Pop into the freezer for about 30 minutes. Mix yogurt, lime or lemon juice and sugar, pour onto top of the blueberries, so the molds are 2/3 full. Freeze 30 minutes. Blend strawberries and pour again. Let freeze overnight or for several hours.
R, feeling especially patriotic as he eats his popsicle. I mean, could he be any more festive? Even his eyes were red, white and blue before I fixed the red eye in the original picture.

Have a wonderful 4th,


BigBi said...

Very fun! Enjoy your 4th, too. Sounds like you already have and the day has only just begun!

emstitt said...

Graham looks so adorable by the flowers that I want to eat HIM up! (What is it about cute kids that I end up having the desire to nibble on them?!) :)

Mama in Training said...

J, these are too cute! Even I want to make them. Renee made them and had Hunter and I over. Hunter loved it! I want to make some for a workout moms play group.

Renee said...

Mama in Training was kind enough not to mention the fact that Hunter wouldn't eat the white layer b/c I had accidently left out the sugar! Wesley didn't seem to notice that they were super tart; he was just happy to have a popsicle. Now, he says they are too cold. LOL. I made them again and remembered the sugar. Very yummy! I also put sugar in with the strawberries because they were not quite sweet enough.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I have left out the sugar before Renee, sometimes on purpose, to see if they would notice. Usually, R notices. :(

Mama In Training and Renee, I am so glad you liked the pops!