Friday, July 18, 2008

R, R, quite elated, how does your garden grow?

...With zuchs and cukes, and peppers too,
Mom's so proud, she had to crow-

R ate an entire cucumber off the vine, in one sitting. This from a boy who "doesn't like cucumbers." Love it.

Have a sweet weekend,


JerseyBaby said...

I'm beaming for you - both for growing such great veggies, and for your son eating them! Ohio must be vole-free because I can't grow a zucc (or any trailing vine veggie) to save my life. The voles eat them the minute the flowers open.

Slacker Mama said...

Wow those are some MASSIVE zukes. I thought they were eggplants at first.

This goes to show the #1 way to get kids to eat healthy -- get them invovled in the first place!

Yay Sweet Pea Fam!

Anonymous said...

What a great kid! We haven't tried to grow cucumbers yet. Maybe next year.

Deep in the Heart said...

What fun! They always say that kids will eat the veggies if they help grow them - now we have proof.

Our cucs always came out skinny at the top - kind of like a goose neck squash. Yours are beautiful.

Kiki said...

Wow, beautiful veggies!!! So fun that your boy was totally into it!!

Yesterday I was in Charleston at my friend's in-laws garden. They had blueberries, white peaches and orange peaches, pecan and fig trees....I told him that I would go out there every morning with my cereal bowl and fill it with all that goodness, wish I could grow something....

whitneyingram said...

Oh how I love when my son will eat something he normally says he doesn't like!

p.s. I am so jealous of your veggies!