Saturday, June 7, 2008

UFI--Food Dyes

A quick post on an article I read this week. The FDA has been urged to ban 8 different food dyes because of a possible link to ADHD and other behavior issues. If you go to the Center for Science in the Public Interest's website, you can read the whole press release.

Since we aim to eat only 100% natural foods in the Sweet Pea house, I really try to avoid food dyes like the plague. I make exceptions for Christmas cookies and other special occasions like birthday cakes, but otherwise, why would you need them?



Deep in the Heart said...

I work with more and more kids with allergies to red dye and it's everywhere!

Kiki said...

I have a crazy question...I am looking for a special kind of rice, Whehani, have you heard of it?? Seen it?? I did a search for it and couldn't come up with cookbook says it tastes like popcorn, what can be bad about that???

As for the food dye, I agree, who needs all that extra, bad for you, stuff???

Thanks for the heads up!

Slacker Mama said...

Well, crap. I just caved and bought the Fruity Cheerios as a treat. And they ate some this morning.

I swear, there is just too much of bad stuff in our food these days, between pesticides, HFCS, and now dyes. It gets a little overwhelming.

Sweet Pea Chef said...


It is Wehani Rice made by Lundberg Farms. Yum! Here is the link: