Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not bad, eh?

Here's our version of the strawberry tart. R is addicted to blueberries, so the inner ring in a little shout out to him.

BTW, the recipe made gobs and gobs of the glaze, so if you are looking to make it, I think you could easily cut the glaze in half. We also cut the sugar in half in the cream cheese filling and I think it is perfectly sweet.
Oh, and here's a tip from our kitchen: want to make a "graham cracker crust" whole wheat? We used these instead of the grahams:
Really, I used them because at the last second I realized I didn't have the grahams. So I improvised...and it worked great.

Sweet eats,


Anonymous said...

Yum! And super cute too!

Steel Magnolia said...

Ummm, so what time is dessert served? I'll be there! Looks great.

Slacker Mama said...

Looks delish!

I thought of you...I was thumbing through a back issue of Shape and they mentioned that Ball has some new plastic jars and low-sugar if you have leftover strawberries you can make your own jelly!

Kiki said...

That does look yummy!!!!!