Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring planting

I have never been able to grow things from seed. Botanically speaking I lack the green part of the thumb that allow seed cultivation. Give me a plant and I seem to be okay...but seeds, just haven't had much luck.

But last Halloween, when my dad and R carved pumpkins, he saved some seeds, took them home, let them air dry, and then mailed them to R a few weeks later.

We held on to the seeds and decided to plant them at the beginning of April. I set R's expectations low, telling him we would probably have to go to the nursery to get plants in May to plant in our garden. Yet, every morning for a few days R would ask, "are there pumpkins yet?" We don't have pumpkins yet, but I am amazed that I managed to get this far. Thanks Dad!

So here is update #1 on the Sweet Peas' pumpkin project:
They're actually growing!

Life is Sweet-


Slacker Mama said...

Very cool. I can't grow any sort of plant to save my life. Inherited my mother's black thumb...I've killed cactii.

I so want to grow my own basil and other herbs, so I'll try with some pots this year. I'm keeping *my own* expectations pretty low, though.

Steel Magnolia said...

you can do it Slacker Mama!! You may just have "the great pumpkin" sweet pea chef!!!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

We're going to plant them in our front yard (we have a huge perennial bed behind this stone wall) so I am hoping they don't look to WT in our yard. :) Maybe if they grow gang busters we can have our very own "pick your own" pumpkin patch in the fall.