Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lunchtime laughs

Remember that song on "Sesame Street" that helped kids learn to count that went, "1 2 3 4...5, 6 7 8 9...10, 11, 12?" Today during lunch I started singing it silly to entertain the boys while I was trying to get lunch together. I would sing the first 10 numbers in a "Miss America" sing-song voice, and then for 11, 12, I sang it a la Barry White (God rest his soul). For some reason, the boys went crazy for it. I felt like Jerry Seinfeld on stage...huge laughs each time. This made me laugh more because quite frankly, I couldn't understand why it was so funny.

During lunch, R tried to do it too, which cracked me up even more. G listened intently each time, and then had this silly sort of delayed laugh. Enjoy!



The Mrs. said...

I love that song! Have to sing it to Landon!

slacker mama said...

So cute! I *love* to see siblings's soooooo cute!

Steel Magnolia said...

that was so stinkin' cute. The laugh cracks me up!!!

Deep in the Heart said...

Too cute and so good to hear their voices. The song is one of my perennial favorites as well. I always thought Jake was Rachel best audience - he thought everything she did was hilarious and laughed at all her "jokes".