Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The sky is falling?

A few weeks ago I posted on rising food prices. Are you noticing the increasing prices too? I sure am. Then I read last week about how Costco and Sam's Club are not allowing certain customers to hoard rice. Now, this article in the Wall Street Journal on why we should all seriously consider stockpiling food.

More news:

Increases in food prices the highest in 17 years

Food prices affecting food bank reserves

International impact of food prices

I am not a chicken little, but perhaps this food stockpiling idea does make good sense. I mean, we already do it a bit whenever I buy in bulk. I 've been thinking about visiting Freecycle.org and Craig's List for some extra shelving to help organize and create more storage in our basement. Maybe this is the kick in the pants I've needed!

Anyone else considering expanding their food storage? Or is this just another example of media over-hype?


Anonymous said...

Groceries are definitely getting more expensive, and like gas, I'm not confident they're going down any time soon. But stockpiling food? I can't imagine saving much in the long run, and would probably make a bunch of rash decisions which is why I already have too many things from Costco in my basement that will never be eaten but will make a food bank happy one day. Instead of stockpiling I'm going to try to focus on actually eating the contents of my fridge. Less waste; more "inventive" cooking. Lord knows I always have a red bell pepper on Sunday and by Saturday it's still sitting there waiting for me to be inspired. Same goes for carrots. Fortunately my days have been so busy that my trips to the grocery store are getting stretched out, making "inventive" cooking a necessity.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who has trouble using a whole red pepper sometimes!