Monday, November 5, 2012

Eggs + Tea = A very good toothbrushing lesson!

R and G aren't always the most, uh-hum, thorough, teeth brushers.  So I used this experiment from G's former preschool to help demonstrate how to brush a little better.

Do you need a "case in point" as to why kids need to brush their teeth well?  Especially while the Halloween Candy eating is at its peak?

All you need is a hard-boiled egg for each child and a black tea bag or two.

First, brew some strong black tea:

Once the tea is steeped, add an egg or two:

Let the eggs soak for at least 30 minutes or even a few hours:

 Using old toothbrushes and some real toothpaste, let them start brushing:

They'll soon discover than a quick, cursory brush won't fully clean the egg:

 That they have to brush well to remove the brown color:

Let them observe how much "gunk" brushing removes from their egg:

And hopefully they'll put two and two together and brush well to clean their teeth!

Life is sweet,


Cheryl Walsh said...

Tea does stain the teeth and makes it yellow! This is a great way to teach kids how important brushing is!

Unknown said...

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Bailey Hurley said...

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