Friday, November 16, 2012

Healthy Meal Plan Friday: A Poultry-Free Zone

With next week bringing:


eating...a lot...

the beginning of the holiday season...

hopefully lots of fun and...

family and friends.

I keep it easy with the meals leading up to the big Turkey Day.

Think: frozen leftovers, pantry dives (ie, pasta and jarred sauce) and easy peasy lemon squeeze-y meals.

Need a few ideas?  Here's what I am serving other than Thanksgiving supper and leftovers for next week's Healthy Meal Plan:

Meatless Monday:  Grilled Tofu and Spinach Sesame Salad, Grilled Pita, Pear Slices

Zucchini Alfredo, Whole Wheat Bread, Fresh Pineapple


Baked Penne, Make it your Own
, Steamed Green Beans, Applesauce 


Have a sweet weekend,

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