Friday, November 30, 2012

Healthy Meal Plan: Let December Begin!

I can hardly believe that it is still November!  Sure, December begins in less than 10 hours, but with Thanksgiving so early this year, I keep having this conversation with myself:

"I need to finish decorating for Christmas...oh yeah, it is still only November."

"Should I start addressing the Christmas cards?  No, it's not even December yet!"

"What cookies should I bake?  None's November."

I have been trying to stay low key, but when the calendar turns over to December tomorrow, I think it is time to get into gear.

What to do when the Christmas season is upon us?  Keep the cooking simple, since we're all so over-extended this time of the year!

Here's next week's Healthy Meal Plan:

Meatless Monday:  Slow Cooker Italian Bean and Artichoke Soup, Crusty Bread, Tossed Salad

Asian Tuna Noodles, (when you boil the noodles for this dish, boil extra for the Chicken Tetrazini later this week--it will save you time!), Pomegranate Seeds

Chicken and Vegetable Tetrazzini*, Clementine and Apple Slices, sprinkled with coconut

*This is a great recipe to use frozen leftover turkey, if you happen to have any in your freezer!

Slow Cooker Pork Loin with Apple and Sage,  Quinoa with Almonds, Green Beans

Seared Flounder with a Blood Orange Drizzle, Sauteed Greens, Roasted Potatoes

Rainbow Quinoa, Tortilla Chips, Guacamole 

Have a great weekend!

Life is sweet,

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