Monday, March 12, 2012

Do Something.

This is a true story.

Once upon a time there was a mom who wanted healthy eating to be at the forefront of her son's elementary school. She had seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and got fired up about doing something.

About a year ago she met with a few moms from the elementary school who were interested in healthy eating and wellness, but nothing seemed to be happening.

The summer passed and this mom kept thinking there had to be another mom who was willing to take the lead. This mom couldn't get it out of her head, "do something." Again she would hear it, "do something," "do SOMEthing."

So when fall rolled around, she baked 36 dozen pumpkin mini-muffins and recruited some friends to host a table with healthy foods and drinks at the school's fall festival. She had a flyer printed out that read, "Healthy Living is not Spooky!" and set out to recruit other parents (there *had* to be others that felt the same way, right?).

And guess what? There *were* other parents concerned about healthy eating. Really wonderful parents who were committed and motivated and willing to work on this issue too.

One of these parents just happened to be the Executive Chef at the local Whole Foods.


So together, a group of about 10 parents started meeting in fall to brainstorm ways to encourage healthy eating. Turns out there are lots of gifts and talents in this group of parents--whether graphic design, cooking, PR, communications or research, this group really took off, with their shared love and commitment to healthy eating uniting them.

This group decided that we needed to make healthy eating a grassroots effort at the school, which meant starting with students and parents.

So a couple months ago, in partnership with Whole Foods and Chef Ugur, they started Dig In! A cooking class in the spirit of farm-to-table, focusing on local, whole, healthy foods. Chef Ugur and Whole Foods volunteered their time and resources, and now there is a group of kids that meet regularly to learn and eat healthy foods.

(photos courtesy of Kennedy Communications)

Lessons on whole foods, local foods, eating lots of plants, avoiding additive-laden foods and just general cooking with wellness in mind.

And so it has happened, there is a growing group of parents focused on healthy eating. Students learning to try and eat and love healthy eating. This group is planning and dreaming and things are really coming together.

So, my question to you is:

Do you have a voice in your head saying, "Do something!"

Do it.

This is only the beginning for our group of students and parents...this year we're planning our work on a school yard garden, one we hope can be used for food for the students in the fall. And oh, what other plans we have in the works too!

Big dreams +
An awesome group of parents =
____?____ (can't hardly wait to see how this story continues...)

And now our meals for the week:

Burrito Bowls, Pineapple
Spaghetti with "Meat"balls, Green Beans
Polenta with Portabella Gravy, Asparagus
Veggie-Veggie Burgers
Layered Taco Salad

Life is sweet. And short. Do something-


whitneyingram said...


Keep it up!

Caroline said...

That is really awesome! It is wonderful to see that a small group can really make a difference!

PS: Been following your blog for a while now, and love all your healthy eating suggestions! Thanks!

Laura said...

Ok. I won't lie... I screamed when I read this! This is so awesome and I am really excited to see how the equation works out!