Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Silly Bands in the Kitchen

Got any of these in your home?

I vaguely remember about two years ago, when I was looking high and low for silly bands for R. They were all the rage. He wore them to school, to activities, everywhere, and traded them and collected them.

Today? R's silly bands sit in a seldom opened drawer in his room. Ahh...fads, the only thing timeless about fads is that each generation is sure to have one and for R, silly bands were big...two years ago.

Want a fun way to re-purpose those silly bands? Use them at your next gathering for drink markers:

They even work on stem glasses, the rubber actually grips a bit to the glass, keeping them in place:

I had fun looking through some R's silly bands and planning on how you could even match the silly bands to the theme of your party through shapes, color combinations or genres like sports, animal or food silly bands.

When R gets home from school, I may see if we can make a permanent home for his silly bands in our kitchen. Or maybe I should just start using them and see if he even notices they are gone?

Life is sweet,

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