Monday, February 27, 2012

An errant goldfish and waffle

This whole vegan thing is going pretty well generally...and I feel great. But honestly, it is tougher than our vegetarian challenge two years ago for two reasons:

1. cheese, glorious cheese
2. animal products are in almost everything

I promised to be forthright about my temporary veganism and therefore have to confess I mistakenly ate two non-vegan items on Saturday...a waffle and one single goldfish cracker. Oh the humanity!

We were trying to get out the door early Saturday to drive to a local ski spot and G didn't finish one of his waffles. He offered it to me. I ate it. Only about 15 minutes later I thought: "Ack! Dairy! Eggs!" An honest mistake...I blame the early hour and the fact that I was thinking of the 802 items I needed to make sure were in the car to avoid having to buy any gear once at the ski resort.

My second mix-up was when R offered me one of his goldfish. I took it and ate it before I thought "cheese!"

At this early point in the challenge, I cannot imagine being full-time 100% vegan. SO very many foods have animals items in them, you wouldn't believe. I thought I was a careful label-reader before, but now I am crazy careful.

This could be more of a challenge that I originally thought.

Here are our meals for the week:

Gardein Vegan Chicken (me)/Fish (boys), Asparagus, Roasted, Perfect Oven Roasted Potatoes
Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili
Spring Risotto, with Cashew Cream for me, Milk and Parmesan for the boys
Tofu and Veggie Stirfry
Falafel with Yogurt Tahini Sauce (sans yogurt for me)
Spaghetti and Meat-less Meatballs for me, Sausage for the boys

Life is sweet,


whitneyingram said...

I suppose that was bound to happen. Keep the faith though!

FYI, I have heard that Oreos are vegan...

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Mmm....Oreos. Thanks Whit!