Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Time Menus

It's summer (shocking, I know!) and my desire to spend an hour simmering, stewing, sauteing or slicing to prepare dinner every night is non-existent. Who wants to be in a hot kitchen each day when the pool, park, beach, playground, a bike ride or other outdoor fun beckon? Not me! Which makes for a difficult time trying to keep up this food blog and my regular writing gig over at

Thankfully, every once and awhile in the summer either a rainy day or another type of respite from outdoor fun occurs, and I find myself back in my favorite room of our home: the kitchen. But for the large majority of summer afternoons, I want a dish that suits my summer style, meaning a meal that:

A. Can be prepared ahead of time
B. Is a no-cook or almost no-cook
C. Only needs a quick grill outdoors

In other words, menus perfect for Summer Time, which I define as: "wanting to spend as little time indoors cooking as possible." So for the next several posts I share some of our favorite menus for summer.

Here's a menu that can be largely prepared ahead of time: you can marinate the portabella mushrooms, assemble the salsa and mix the corn salad all quickly and easily earlier in the day, or for the salsa and salad, the night prior. All you will need is a quick grill for the portabellas, and dinner is served!

Grilled Portabella Burgers

Paired with some deliciously refreshing Watermelon Salsa:

and a very easy, make-ahead Fresh Corn Salad!

Delicious, nutritious, and perfect for the easy, breezy summertime attitude!

Peas and love,

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