Friday, June 24, 2011

A new table setting

Since summer hit, it seems as though our garden isn't the only thing growing at break-neck speed: our two little Sweet Peas are sprouting up too.

It is sometimes difficult for me to recognize day in, day out growth in R and G, as I see them every day. Often I notice growth the most when one of them puts on a shirt, comes downstairs and I realize their once generously sized top is now a belly shirt.

But in the last two weeks friends, neighbors, sitters, have all commented on how big they are getting, so SPH measured R and G. G had grown 2 inches since spring and R another inch! No wonder I had to make another sojourn to pick up some new summer clothes.

Besides the vertical growth though, there have been a number of other milestones, most of them kitchen related:

First, the sippy cups that I haven't used much for months have been pushed to the back of a drawer, only for use when younger kiddos come to visit.

Then, I've been using mostly regular utensils, since R and now G do just fine with adult sized-silverware.

But the most recent change hit me hard, as I started to serve up dinner one night and realized that I would be serving all four of us on these:

Four ceramic dishes. No melamine, no plastic, no break-free dishes. For 7 years now, meal time meant reaching into a separate drawer or shelf for the kiddo dishes, but now, we have graduated. Sure, there will still be plenty of times I use the melamine plates (I love, love the divided plates I bought a couple years ago, mostly because then R and G aren't complaining that their foods are touching or gasp! mixing together), but the mere fact that I would use ceramic at all for certain meals boys are getting older.

I used to say, as someone told me, "the days are long, but the years are short."

I think I need to change my line to, "the days are short, and the years are even shorter."

Life is sweet,

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Deep in the Heart said...

We started doing the same for dinner, but haven't changed glassware yet. It's kind of nice except now I have to get the plates down for them to set the table. I loved having all their stuff in a low cabinet they could reach.