Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fresh Food Time

We’re heading straight into my favorite fresh food time of the year.

Our little home garden is slowly growing, why just last night I harvested some collards and cooked them. Our peas are going gangbusters and despite a few bunny sightings, we have yet to lose our sweet pea crop like last year. The herbs are multiplying and our little seedlings are starting to be permanently planted in our garden plot.

I love eating straight from our garden, but when we visit R and G’s Papa and Grandma we also eat straight from the river/bay. A few fishing poles and two crab pots were all we needed to set our Memorial Day seafood extravaganza into full gear.

SPH setting bait for the crab pots:

Checking the pots:

Finding a crab that had just molted (translation: soft shell crabs to cook!):

Learning how to crack a crab and eating them mere yards and hours from their harvest point:

A treat for this Midwestern family to be sure!

We’re in the midst of the busy “end of school” time for R, G’s school let out before Memorial Day and summer is right around the corner. Our CSA deliveries have begun and so our menu for the rest of this shortened week reflect what we expect in today’s CSA basket:

Homerun Pasta Salad, Braised Collards, Marinated Cucumbers

Chili-Lime Salmon served over Salad

Summer Rolls

Now if you excuse me, I am off to go work in the garden!


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Liz H. said...

We have received our CSA produce too!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! for telling us about it! LOVE IT!!!!!!