Wednesday, May 25, 2011

G on the Importance of Drinking Water

It has been hot. The boys have been working hard at playing outside, T-ball for G, soccer for R. I remind them it is important to stay hydrated, and the other day, as I was typing on my computer I heard G mulling around in the kitchen. Undetected, I snapped some photos:

In a mere minute, G had served himself up some ice water in true big boy fashion. (My favorite part? A toss up between using the tongs for the ice and standing on the toilet to get the cup filled!)

So consider this a public service announcement from G: drink water and stay cool this Memorial Day weekend!

Life is sweet,


Baba said...

Proof that children do in fact observe and listen....I'll bet that you and SPH are water drinkers too...
"children learn what they live"

Amer21 said...

Evan is getting so much better about doing stuff like this himself these days without me asking!! They're getting big right? :) Camryn of course says "no I do" all the time. She tries to do it all by herself too.