Sunday, May 15, 2011

Freedom a la Carte

Last Sunday, my Mother's Day began with me enjoying breakfast in bed from the three wonderful boys in my life. We went to church, had a lovely morning and then the real fun began.

But first, a little background...
Food carts are all the rage in the culinary world these days. Everyone from famous chefs to those short on restaurant start-up funds, to who just prefer the free road as their diner are starting up food carts. Haven't heard about food carts or food trucks? Here's two of my favorite local blogs about food carts:

Taco Trucks Columbus

Street Eats Columbus

But my favorite Food Cart? Freedom a la Carte, a food cart that supports my good friends' charity Doma.

So back to Mother's Day. I usually say that my Mother's Day is not about what I want, but I don't want: "I don't want to have to do the dishes, I don't want to do laundry, I don't want to clean up, I don't want to cook."

But for the right reason and the right cause I turned all of this on its head and decided to forgo a pedicure and leisurely lunch and instead:

...spend my afternoon helping serve up empanadas, gazpacho and some of the best gourmet sandwiches I've ever tasted in my life.

See that super-talented chef next to me in the red? Lara Yazvak, a brilliant chef who worked at Northstar Cafe and some other great restaurants in town. She is now using her uber talent to support the couple on my left, Dan and Julie Clark, who founded Doma.

Freedom a la Carte
will be touring around Columbus beginning next month. Go ahead and "like" them on Facebook and you can have the best lunch of your year, all while supporting efforts to end human trafficking.

Peas and Love,

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