Monday, May 9, 2011

Smells like Mom Cheeseburgers

I love Mother's Day, especially since I am a mom and it always feels like a really superb annual review. When I worked full-time, I had a wonderful boss who always gave positive feedback when it was due.

"Great job!"

"You worked hard on this, didn't you?"

"Wow, thank you."

I also grew up with a mom who lavished praise when it was due. Good grades, homework, extra-curricular activities, were always encouraged with kind and uplifting words. (thanks mom, you really know how to make a daughter feel good!)

Funny thing is, now that I'm a mom, most days I feel like I am doing a pretty good job, but when I balance getting the laundry done with putting a meal on the dinner table, I'm rarely met with a "wow, thank you!" from the boys.

This is typical, I know...but on Mother's Day, it is similar to an annual review, and if you are like the large majority (or I hope, all) of moms out there, you had a stellar review:

"Thanks for all you do for me mom!"

"You are so special"

"I love you"

Or, in my case, I got the very rare kudos from G:

"I love the way you smell mom, you smell like cheeseburgers!" (said with obvious pride that he was giving me the highest praise) Not sure where this came from since:

A: I had just showered and was ready to walk out the door to church
B: We haven't cooked or eaten a cheeseburger recently
C: I have been reassured numerous times since this comment that I do not, in face, smell like a cheeseburger.


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This is my last goodie to giveaway for's been a good three weeks!

Peas and love,

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