Thursday, March 17, 2011

What better excuse?

Happy St. Patrick's, er "Perfect Excuse to Eat Green Foods" Day!

What better reason than celebrating today for your kid's to eat green?

The photo above is from this morning's breakfast. Tonight, we will have Thai Green Curry, with tons of green vegetables. A far cry from how I used to celebrate this holiday in my pre-kids days, but celebratory in its own way nonetheless.

Today is also the start of March Madness. We're doing family brackets again this year, a way to practice printing disguised as fun. The winner gets to choose where the whole family goes out for a victory dinner.

R and G diligently worked on their brackets over the last few days. Last year R won our contest, so if you're looking for any help, here you go:

Life is sweet,

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Stacy said...

so funny! we ate fusilli with ricotta and spinach. not exactly irish fare either. why can't irish food be GREEN??