Sunday, March 20, 2011


Can I tell you how very excited I am for spring to be here? Growing up and now living again in Ohio, I am not adverse to winter, but this spring seems especially sweet.

SPH's mom is here visiting for a long weekend, so we've spent plenty of fun time outside in our warmer weather. As I type the thermometer outside the window is just shy of 70 and just this morning R, G and I put the screens back into the windows.

More than anything, I love the feel of fresh air coming inside. The window above the kitchen sink has its screen, and I much prefer doing dishes with the aid of some spring breezes than with the window closed.

My desk area is in our kitchen and this is what I am seeing as I type:

(Imagine the window panel blowing in the gentle wind, and then you have the full idea)

Our meals for this first week of Spring:

Grilled Seafood and Tomato-Caper Pasta
Taquiera Asada Tacos and Mango Jicama Salsa
Barbecue Chicken Meatloaf, Guacamole and Oven Roasted Potatoes
Tortellini Soup
Cassoulet (one last trial run before I share the recipe)

The Meatloaf, Soup and Cassoulet are for later in the week, since, (sniff, sniff) the weather will have another cold spell come week's end. But for now, I'm off to enjoy this warm spell, outside!

Spring is Sweet,

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