Monday, January 10, 2011

Star Wars Fruit

You know you are in a house with preschool and school-aged boys when an adventure to open a pomegranate elicits words like "It looks like inside the Death Star!" (Darth Vader's ship, for those, who like me until a few years ago, are "Star Wars" illiterate)

(Death Star? Use your imagination...)

Every once in awhile we call a dinner an "Adventure Dinner" and try out something new. This past week it was pomegranate. Now, we've had pomegranate before, but not fresh from the whole fruit in a long time. We shared one big pom and I was giddy thinking of all the antioxidants the boys were consuming. Yes, it's the little things.

As I type, some of my Southeast Peeps have school off today and gobs of snow/rain. Imagine two little boys up here in Ohio waiting for those same precipitation-filled clouds to move north. They're hoping to go sledding tomorrow afternoon...we will see!

In the meantime, I have a whole week's worth of warm-you-up meals planned:

Broiled Citrus Flounder, Steamed Broccoli, Rice
Lightened Broccoli Cheddar Soup with Crab and Pumpernickel Croutons
Lightened Cassoulet (new recipe) with Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Fast or Slow Chili
Savory Pumpkin Pasta (new recipe) and Spinach Salad

Have a sweet week!


Deep in the Heart said...

Love it! My mom regularly seeds and stores pomegranate for salad topping, but the kids don't see it whole like this.

We're doing turkey gumbo tonight, teacher delivery pizza tomorrow, and maybe your broccoli soup Wednesday because that sounds perfect for our dreary day today.

Deep in the Heart said...

Oh and I made an amazing grapefruit buttermilk sorbet from cooking light yesterday. Not too sweet and oh so yummy. I highly recommend it.

JerseyBaby said...

I can't wait to dig into the broccoli soup! It's the kids' favorite but it's hard to find a healthy version that's also delicious.

We're trying your empanadas this week too!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Oh, do try the broccoli soup. I have it half-made on the stove top, waiting until after our afternoon activities to be finished. :)

Deep...I will have to try that grapefruit sorbet!

JB, the empanadas are my favorite thing right now. Mmm, I am wishing I had them on the menu this week too. :)

Michelle BB said...

Haha! What a funny reaction to a pomegranate! Pomegranate seeds are one of my little boy's favourite nibbles at the moment, and I agree, I just love watching him gobble them, thinking of all the antioxidants he's happily consuming.