Thursday, May 20, 2010

Processed Meats and BPA

A busy week here, but I had to share two food news' stories from this week.

First, we don't do a lot of processed meats in the Sweet Pea home, and if we do an occasional sausage, it is always nitrate-free. Nitrates are on my "UFI" list, and with a family history on SPH's side that includes pancreatic cancer, we just don't need them in our diet. But here's more research to support nixing nitrate-ridden processed meats from your diet.

Pregnant? Here's more research that perhaps canned foods, which often use BPA in their can liners, are something you should avoid. Read this article on why pregnant women in particular should avoid canned foods with BPA.


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julia said...

thank you for this post! i've been trying to avoid cooking with any canned food since I became pregnant. (the only struggle i have is with canned tomatoes!) This was helpful in keeping me motivated to stay on top of it--very interesting information!
(and if you have any tips for the tomato thing i'd love to hear them!)