Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hollow Dyed Easter Eggs (Better the eggs than the chocolate bunny!)

Here's the problem I have with dyeing hard-boiled eggs: you decorate them beautifully and then they have to be shunned to the dark refrigerator to stay fresh.

Not so with these dyed eggs, which have their insides removed by a really quite simple technique, so they're perfectly safe to display.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, you can poke holes in either end of an egg without it shattering. Use a straight pin, thumb tack or anything thin and very sharp and insert in one end:

And then flip and do the other end. Jiggle the pin around a bit so you have a slightly larger hole in this end:

Then huff and puff through the tiny hole and the egg’s insides will come pouring out the other end. Collect the eggs in a bowl for a omelet, frittata or scrambled eggs.

Once the eggs are all hollow, rinse them lightly and then dye as usual.

Don’t have an Easter Egg dyeing kit handy? Simply use this homemade recipe for dyeing Easter Eggs.

I wanted more pastel-toned eggs, so I dyed these for just a short bit, using the egg carton for drying:

There you have it: an easy and perhaps new way to bring a little spring brightness into your home.

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