Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Even a thousand mile journey starts with a single step."

(A continuation of a true story.  Read the first installment in the journey here:  Do Something)

An email came across my computer several weeks ago, forwarded to me from our PTO President.  There was a local high school student who had graduated from R's elementary school, who for her Senior Year project was studying the economic, academic and behavioral effect of healthier, from scratch, school lunches.

It was like Christmas in March.

A few of us from our school's Wellness Committee met with her and discovered several things lightning fast:

1.  She was bright, articulate and really knew her stuff.
2.  She was passionate about healthy school lunches.
3.  (and this was huge) She had already done tons of research on healthy school lunches.

Research on how actual school districts like ours could implement from scratch cooking in the lunchroom.

Research about the bottom-line, budgetary effects (not much) of healthy cooking.

Research on how students learn better, feel better and act better at school when their bellies are full of nutritious, whole-foods, instead of processed, from-cans and preservative-laden foods.


This was a huge step forward for the parents concerned about student health at our local schools.

So, tonight she is hosting a big forum:

Important and Possible:
A Look At Healthy School Lunches
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
UAHS West Cafeteria
6:30-8:00 PM

With nearly 40% of American children overweight, and
half of these children considered obese,
it's time we look for ways to solve the problem.
Healthier School Lunches

A lot of us like the idea of a healthier school lunch program,
but is it really possible?

Granville Exemplified School District runs a profitable program, with
All produce and meat grown locally,
All meals prepared from scratch in the schools,
and nutrition standards exceeding national minimum requirements

Come join senior, Laurel Freidenberg, and guest speaker,
Mr. Chuck Dilbone, Granville's Director of Business Operations, to
Learn the importance of school lunches to students' 
health and development, and
Find out how Granville made the ideal program possible.

Learn how you can support a healthier, fresher school lunch program.

It's a big step forward tonight.  If you're a local parent reading this, I hope you'll join in the discussion!

Life is sweet,


Jennifer Jupp said...

Jessica, What did you think of the meeting tonight? Seems like we need to take some action!!
Jennifer Jupp

Sweet Pea Chef said...

It was a good honest exchange, but more action is needed, I agree!