Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pancake Birthday Cake

It's birthday week once again in the Sweet Pea home. Both R and G celebrate their birthdays, a mere four days apart. A happy week indeed!

G is younger, but his birthday comes first. He actually arrived a few weeks before his due date, and we joke that he knew that if he was going to always be the little brother, at least if he came early, he could celebrate first.

And celebrate we do.

Is there any more special of day for a child, the day when you get to celebrate them: their life, their special, unique qualities and the blessings they bring to your life? I love birthdays.

This year we started early in the morning with a special cake made out FIVE pancakes, with FIVE candles. Can you guess how old G is now?

G was all sorts of excited about his special breakfast treat:

A little bit of strawberry jam helped "glue" it together, then once the candles were blown out, a dollop of cream:

Happy Birthday, sweet G!

Life is sweet,

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