Monday, January 9, 2012

On learning homonyms and our meal plan

Parents of young children, can you relate?:

Doesn't it seem that about 97.23% of the time your child gets sick/injured/needs serious medical attention it happens:

A. In the evening, after the pediatrician's office is closed
B. On a Sunday, when the pediatrician's office is closed
C. While celebrating a major holiday, when the pediatrician isn't even thinking about being open
D. When on vacation, when a reputable pediatrician is who-knows-where?

This weekend, G chose option B. A mildly runny nose without a single other symptom turned into a thrice-during the night wake-up routine, reaching its pinnacle at around 5AM when G was literally crying because "my ear hurts so bad!"

Thank goodness we were able to go to the local children's urgent care...along with (wait for it)....approximately two dozen other children, all in the queue before G.

I found it ironic because we've been talking about homonyms with R, so I tried to look on the bright side of having to wait hours for a doctor to briefly look into G's ear by and turn it into a teachable moment:

"G, you're showing great patience while we wait for the doctors to see the other patients."

It's all in the attitude, right? And the fact that they had a television didn't hurt either.

G is doing great since we caught the ear infection and he's been on antibiotics, so onward and upward this week!

Our meals:

Northstar Cafe Burgers, Pineapple, Oven Fries, Real Deal
Chili Lime Salmon, Asparagus, Roasted, Wild Rice with Cranberries
Black Bean and Avocado Tostadas, Mango
Italian Stuffed Shells (never got around to making these last week!)
Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili

Life is sweet, even when it demands patience!


JerseyBaby said...

Poor G! So glad he's on the mend.

Build-Your-Own-Salad night here, with "fake bacon/fake chicken", oven roasted beets, cucumber, apples or pears, and anything else I can find in our fridge.

Deep in the Heart said...

That happened with us last year (Jake's tubes stayed in for 4 years!) and I was just so glad that this time he could tell me what was wrong.

Still struggling with Meatless Monday for a non-bean, non-tofu eating daughter and a son who will eat it all. We're going for breakfast for dinner with poached eggs.