Friday, December 2, 2011

Meatless Monday: Italian Bean and Artichoke Heart Slow Cooker Soup

For Monday's Meatless Monday Healthy Eating Challenge, I have a great, family favorite soup: Italian Bean and Artichoke Heart Slow Cooker Soup.

If you aren't into artichoke hearts, you can easily replace them with another vegetable, or omit them all together. But here's the grocery list for the recipe as written:


3 cups dried beans, such as kidney, navy, canellini
5 - 15 oz cans beans
1 -28oz jar marinara sauce
1 - 15oz can artichoke hearts
1 quart vegetable broth

bay leaves
minced dried onion
dried parsley
garlic powder
dried oregano
thyme leaves
red pepper flakes

An easy soup for a busy (Meatless) Monday!

Have a great weekend y'all,


justme said...

sounds great, and i am in need of another veggie warm comfort meal.

Christy said...

I know soups are filling, but is this meatless soup filling enough? What do you like to eat with it, if anything? Thanks!

Sweet Pea Chef said...


Oh yes, it is! I usually serve it with some hearty bread and we are filled to the gills!

Christy said...

OK, great! Thanks. I will give this a try soon.