Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Hill of Beans

**edited to add: since beans come in many different sizes, from small little lentils up to big ole' kidney beans, make sure you give yourself more time than you anticipate when doing the beans the first time. **

With concerns about BPA in canned foods, I've all but stopped buying canned beans, preferring to use dried ones instead. Using dried beans is less expensive, and with the simple steps I blogged about today at FamilyEducation.com, you can use your slow cooker to easily turn your dried beans into "ready to cook" with little to no effort at all.

Click here for my blog post on using your slow cooker to cook dried beans.

In fact, as I type, I have a batch of beans in the slow cooker to make my Italian Bean and Artichoke Heart Soup for tomorrow! Which is perfect timing, since it's supposed to be rainy and cool!

Peas out-


Michele said...

Great recommendation! Questions - is the pyrex container used for freezing beans instead of plastic containers due to problems with plastics? Are zip-top bags OK for freezing the beans? Have you used dry garbanzos for your hummus recipe? It's my favorite hummus but I always use cans. Thanks in advance.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Good questions Michele! I usually use containers, but I believe zip-tops would be okay too, I use them for other types of freezing! I have used garbanzos, but they take longer since they're a little more 'firm.' Hope this helps!