Friday, April 2, 2010

You say you want a (food) revolution

I thought about pulling an April Fool's joke on you and creating a story based on the photo above...perhaps about how Jamie rang me up and wanted to discuss healthy eating...

About how I shared some pointers with him as I had him sign my favorite Jamie Oliver cookbook...

But alas, if you study the photos closely enough, you notice SPH, Jamie and yours truly all look a wee bit younger than we do now. So I'll give it to you straight and say this photo is from years ago when Jamie came to where I worked to promote healthy eating.

Many years later, my age has changed, but two things have not: I am still a huge Jamie Oliver fan and he is still talking about healthy eating.

I am thrilled beyond measure about Jamie Oliver's new show "Food Revolution." If you haven't watched yet, check out the first two episodes on and then set your DVR to record it tonight on ABC.

I'll be watching along with you, cheering as he goes.



Laura said...

My goodness I love that show... and I love that it has finally opened several people in my extended circle of friends to talk to me about their food choices based on what we have in Mansfield. 2 years ago, they thought I was a nut!

And by the way, you could have said that photo was taken yesterday... I couldn't tell the difference!

whitneyingram said...

I so wish you would have made this into an April Fool's joke. I would have fallen hard.

I too am loving the show. I understand that a lot is edited and dramatized, but the bones of the show are plain as can be. I think it truly boils down to the fact that we as parents make the biggest impression. We are responsible for getting our babies started on the right track. If we teach them good choices at home, they are bound to make them on their own outside of the home.

Deep in the Heart said...

I couldn't tell the difference either except for the telltale blue power suit:) I bet you don't miss wearing those. I've heard many of my mom friends talking about his new show. I certainly hope it works and changes some people.

Kinder said...

He is awesome! I love his new show - it is relevant and so important!

JerseyBaby said...

I would have guessed the photo was taken just yesterday too! As much as I care about healthy foods, I haven't watched this yet, but when I do, watch out!

Megan said...

I'm Rookie's sister and she sent me a link to your post about your recent stint as a vegetarian. She emailed to tell me to read your post and then go an encourage you.

Encourage you in which direction I'm not sure. No, I am sure, for I'm the family's token vegetarian.

It's been three years that I've gone meatless and I have no intention of going back to eating the once-living. It sounds like you and your family may make the same decision, but if you are, may I suggest that you have compelling motivation behind it?

Allow me to explain.

When I first gave up meat I did so mostly to see if I could do it for a year and see if I'd like it. Once I was meatless for a while some of my sensibilities changed. I started to see animals as something different than a food source. I have a little dog, Sophie, and I love her as if I'd birthed her. She's smart, snotty, and very soft. Watching her, I see that she has wants, makes choices, and has preferences. Observing that in her, I wondered how could it be that other animals, those actually considered food sources, don't have the same kind of thoughts? If my Soph remembers things and learns things wouldn't a cow be similar? I've no scientific foundation for that, but I love my dog so much and believe that her intelligence must be found in other animals. I can't eat my dog. So I can't eat the other animals.

My point: initially vegetarianism was a sort of a game. Now it's more of a conviction. And that's what makes me able to stay this way. There are times that it would be so much easier to just eat some damn chicken than get my protein elsewhere, but my meatlessness isn't about convenience--in a way, it's about my dog. I hope that makes sense.

If you're going to stay veg, make sure that you have a reason behind it that's strong enough to make you take extra steps when necessary and not give in to the tantalizing smell of barbecue.

Best of luck, either way!


Sweet Pea Chef said...

Ok, first off, to those of you who said this pictures could pass as current, THANK YOU! It is actually from 2001. You made my week.

Sparks, thanks so much for your thoughts on going vegetarian. I am still mulling, wondering. But I didn't eat any meat yesterday, my first day of "freedom."

Happy Day All!