Monday, April 19, 2010

Be still my heart

Do you have those moments when you get glimpses of the future? Check out this picture:

Be still my heart. I know it will be a seeming blink of an eye and these two will be behind the wheel, of a real car, not one parked in our driveway!

Before we jump ahead ten years or so though, we have to get through this week. Here's our meal plan:

Southern-style Seared Tuna, Collards (from our garden!), Corn Casserole
Layered Taco Salad
Thai Veggie Wraps, Home Run Pasta Salad
5 Spice Pork Tenderloin, Napa Asian Slaw, Fruit

Have a sweet Monday,


whitneyingram said...

Those are two of the cutest smiles ever. Oh how adorable your boys are. Just adorable. I wish you people didn't live so far away. Our boys would get along so well. Why don't you guys come over today and play in the sprinklers?

JerseyBaby said...

Those boys are just too cute!

Amer21 said...

Cute! Evan loves to pretend to drive Matt's car.