Monday, April 12, 2010

Growing and growing

I realized this weekend that this blog post would be a big milestone: my 500th (gulp).

Blogging this long has taught me two lessons:

1. I like to write. It's time to call my high school and college English teachers/professors and thank them for helping me learn this skill.

2. I consume a lot of time writing about food. Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, I do like sharing my passion for cooking healthful foods with friends, friends of friends and, complete strangers. On the other hand, 500 hundred posts worth of time is a lot of *time*, time that could have been used for _____________.

For the most part, I think this blogging hobby has been time well spent, with neat experiences that wouldn't have otherwise happened without SP&P. I love having near strangers approach me at church, the grocery store or at a kiddie sports activity and say, "I am a friend of ______, and I love your blog!" Or one time, when I was out and about in my parents' town and a perfect stranger walked up to me and said, "where are the Sweet Peas?" This mere brush with Z list-type celebrity is fun. Or getting to go on our local news station to do a cooking demo on live television. Etc...

But then there are the days blogging doesn't seem so fun at all. Days when I don't care to write, or feel completely uninspired. Or when I write something I really, really love and I get a big goose egg in the comment sections. Or during a season when I just need a break from the kitchen.

Overall, I feel like the first 500 days have planted a seed of fun memories, skills learned and time (hopefully) well spent doing something I really enjoy. Not sure if I will make it to another 500 posts, but for now, I am in awe of the sheer magnitude of posts listed in the right column.

Speaking of seeds, our latest batch of sweet peas has begun to sprout:

As these little sprouts grow, I need to consider where SP&P will grow in the future...

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 500(h post!
I am a loyal reader and although I rarely leave comments (I'll try to!), I am grateful for your healthful inspirations. I check in daily to see what's new, and regularly refer to previous posts for refreshers ('how much flour in the pizza dough?'etc). So, simply said, thank you. You are helping me provide healthful meals and snacks to my 2 little boys - thank you! Kathleen

Deep in the Heart said...

Me too. I check your webiste weekly for ideas for my menus and return to my favorites time and again. So thankful for you good friend.